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Matter is anything with a mass that takes up space. All of the matter in the world can be classified into one of three groups: compounds, elements and mixtures. An element is matter that is made up of only one ingredient. Oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon are elements.

All of the different elements found in the world can be found on the periodic table. Although most of the elements on the periodic table are made by nature, some elements are made by scientists. Elements are important for the existence of compounds and mixtures.

A compound is matter that is made up of two or more chemical elements

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It is difficult to take apart the ingredients of a compound. Sugar, cake, a spoon, and water are examples of compounds. Most of the matter in the world are compounds. A mixture is matter that is made up of two or more ingredients that are mixed together.

The difference between compounds and mixtures is that mixtures can be easily taken apart. For example, cereal in milk, salad, and trail mix are mixtures. We can identify matter by its properties.

The color, texture, size, weight, taste, smell, and sound are all properties that we can use to identify matter.

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1. What is the writer’s main idea?


2. What example supports the writer’s main idea?


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3. How does the example help the writer’s argument?


4. What do you think about the story?


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