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Reading is an essential tool to have in life. By reading this sentence right now, you are practicing a skill that is one of the most basic and important abilities necessary for life.

Reading is so common that we often do not realize how much we use it. From the instruction manual on a video game system to the lyrics of our favorite song, we use our knowledge of reading.

We read all the time pretty much unless we are skulking around doing nothing. It is good to develop a reading habit while young to prevent a bleak future in reading.

– 2 –

– 3 –

Reading is more crucial in today’s world than it ever was before. It is vital to your everyday life and provides colossal benefits.

Unlike movies where everything is already predetermined by the producer, writer, and director, books allow you to create in your mind how a particular character appears.

It also allows for more imagination as to how a scene plays out. Of course authors supply descriptions of characters and events, but it is up to your mind to translate those words into visual images.

Many young people dismiss books as boring, and it is true that the reward of reading may elude you initially. However reading is not as hideous as you think, and it is actually necessary for most of the things you enjoy.

– 4 –

The very music you hear and the movies you watch are based on reading. If musicians couldn’t read then they would not be able to put song lyrics together, and if actors couldn’t read then they would not be able to memorize their lines or any other scripts. And there would not even be a script if the screenwriter couldn’t read.

– 5 –

Reading may not be the easiest habit to develop, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding activities once you learn to love it.

After a while you may enjoy reading so much that books will snare you away from TV, and you will no longer be able to stifle your desire to read! You won’t have to bluff about craving to read since it will be true.

Movies only last a couple hours; they do all the thinking for you, and they don’t exercise your brain. With books you have the benefit of taking your time and reading at your own pace. Since reading novels usually takes days instead of hours, it can be a more memorable experience.

You don’t have to start out reading a massive 400 page book. Some of the most interesting books are those that are short and only require a couple of days to read them

– 6 –

Reading also provides a great alternative when you can’t go outside because of the weather. If it’s looking murky and ominous clouds suggest that it may rain, you can always open a book.

Sometimes books are so controversial that they are banned. Famous books that were considered too vile include I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and even Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

Some of today’s most appreciated and revered books were suppressed and almost never published because of people conspiring to prevent their release. The line between the profane and artistic allowance is thin.

– 7 –

Today’s fast-paced world presents few opportunities to relax. We are constantly bombarded with all kind of things every day, but we can escape all that by entering a different world with books.

Reading can improve a desolate day. Not only will it be enjoyable, it will provide permanent invaluable benefits for the future. There are books out there that tell about eerie mysteries or enchanted castles.

You may also choose one with grotesque monsters or that take place in the middle of putrid swamps. So go have fun and read the books you have at home. And if your bookshelf is barren from a lack of books, there is never a bad time to go to the library.

– 8 –

– 9 –


Match each word in the left column with a description in the right column that best matches its meaning

1. ____ Snare

2. ____ Stifle

3. ____ Suppress

4. ____ Bluff

5. ____ Conspire

6. ____ Elude

7. ____ Skulk

8. ____ Colossal

9. ____ Grotesque

10. ____ Hideous

A. Plot, Scheme, connive.

B. bizarre, monstrous, gross.

C. Prowl, lurk, creep.

D. Choke, smother, suppress.

E. Trap, Capturex.

F. Repress, restrain, contain.

G. Massive, enormous.

H. Repulsive, ugly.

I. Deceive, sham, con.

J. Escape, evade, avoid.

– 10 –

1. ____ Massive

2. ____ Putrid

3. ____ Vile

4. ____ Barren

5. ____ Bleak

6. ____ Desolate

7. ____ Eerie

8. ____ Enchanted

9. ____ Murky

10. ____ Ominous

A. Deserted, dismal, isolated.

B. Unproductive, infertile, sterile.

C. Dark, obscure, gloomy, foggy.

D. Hopeless, gloomy.

E. Charmed, delighted, bewitched.

F. Despicable, evil, abominable.

G. Huge, immense, colossal.

H. Threatening, menacing.

I. Rancid, rotting, decomposing.

J. Strange, peculiar, unnatural.

– 11 –

Multiple Choice

1.The An example of reading includes

A.  Reading a book.

B.  Reading sheet music.

C.  Reading an instruction manual..

D.  All of the above.

2. In order to be considered reading, a book must be at least ___ in length

A.  A page.

B.  10 pages.

C.  Two chapters.

D.  None of the above.

– 12 –

3. Some authors of controversial books include

A.  Mark Twain.

B.  J.K. Rowling.

C.  Maya Angelou.

D.  All of the above.

4. Penguins’ wings are used for

A.  Flight.

B.  Swimming.

C.  Eating.

D.  Running.

– 13 –

5. If your bookshelf is barren, this means that

A.  It is full of books.

B.  You have a large variety of books.

C.  You have a new collection of books.

D.  You have no books.

– 14 –

True or False

Choose whether each statement is true or false and write your answer in the space provided.

1. ____   Reading is a very essential and necessary skill for life.

2. ____   Reading isn’t as crucial today as it was before.

3. ____   Reading a book limits your use of imagination as opposed to watching a movie.

4. ____   Reading is a very easy habit to develop.

5. ____   Controversial books have at times been banned.

– 15 –

Short Answer

1. Why is reading an essential tool for success?


2. How do books allow you to use your imagination more than films


3. Discuss some activities in which you engage in reading.


– 16 –

4. Briefly name and discuss some controversial books.


– 17 –

Reading Questions

1. What is the writer’s main idea?


2. What example supports the writer’s main idea?


– 18 –

3. How does the example help the writer’s argument?


4. What do you think about the story?