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The school day can be long and boring for many students, filled with seemingly unexciting information, strict teachers, and perhaps bullies.

But even with all that, it may be all worth it for one word: recess. Perfectly placed right in the middle of the day to provide a much-needed break, recess is a time of fun, imagination, and freedom. It is nearly opposite from the structure that is present during the rest of the school day.

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In class you must sit still, almost like a statue, and listen to the teacher. In the classroom, you cannot run or scream. You most likely aren’t allowed to have extended conversations with your classmates while the teacher speaks.

In the classroom your classmates are like strangers. On the playground you have almost all the freedom you need to run around, shout, and not think about math or reading! You are lucky to have a recess, since adults do not. They don’t get to take a break in the middle of their workday to go play on the playground.

How jealous they must be! During recess you do not worry about the future or any homework or tests.

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All that matters is the hide-and-seek game you’re playing and how to find and capture your friends. But of course, after recess ends you must go back to the classroom and begin learning again. Your teacher makes arrangements to have you work on different projects, and it will probably not be as much fun as recess.

Even if your desk was replaced with comfortable furniture allowing you to lie down instead of sit, the classroom would still be less fun than recess. You may feel that there is no justice in the world, but remember that you will always have recess again the next day.

– 5 –

Enjoy recess as much as you can because it will not always be there. When you grow older, you will no longer have recess, consequently you should make the most of your time having fun outside on the playground.

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Match each word in the left column with a description in the right column that best matches its meaning

1. ____ statue

2. ____ jealous

3. ____ imagination

4. ____ future

5. ____ arrangements

6. ____ project

7. ____ furniture

8. ____ stranger

9. ____ justice

10. ____ capture

A. Thought, creative thinking

B. Fairness, righteousness

C. Unfamiliar/unknown person

D. Sculpture, figure

E. Days yet to come

F. Seize, get, grab

G. Planning, preparations

H. Assignment, task

I. Envious, covetous

J. Items such as tables, chairs, etc.

– 8 –

Multiple Choice

Circle the letter of the correct answer

1. When is recess usually scheduled?

A. The end of the school day.

B. The middle of the school day.

C. Before school.

D. After school.

2. Recess is a chance to:

A. Take a break from the classroom.

B. Learn more math.

C. Have fun with friends.

D. A and C.

– 9 –

3. During recess, it is common to:

A. Run.

B. Yell.

C. Play games.

D. All of the above.

4. Which of the following is not a part of recess?

A. Fun.

B. Excitement.

C. Boredom.

D. None of the above.

– 10 –

5. Which of the following words does not describe recess?

A. Freedom

B. Imagination

C. Structure

D. None of the above

– 11 –

True or False

Choose whether each statement is true or false and write your answer in the space provided.

1. ____ Adults get to enjoy recess at work.

2. ____ Recess is usually preferred over learning in the classroom.

3. ____ Recess is almost like the opposite of classroom learning.

4. ____ Hide-and-seek is a common game played at recess.

– 12 –

Short Answer

1. Do you enjoy recess? Why or why not?


2. What is your favorite game to play at recess? Why?


3. Do you wish you could enjoy more recess? Why or why not?


– 13 –

4. What do you like least about recess?


Reading Questions

1. What is the writer’s main idea?


2. Give an example that supports the writer’s main idea


– 14 –

3. How does the example help the writer’s main idea?


4. What do you think about the story?


– 15 –