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Since the unveiling of Superman in 1938, the very idea of superheroes has swept the world over through comic books, then cartoons, and eventually, live-action films. By definition, a superhero is a fictional character who is a crime-fighter with special abilities and a disposition towards righteousness.

Sometimes, the superhero will have a young sidekick that will assist in the endeavor for justice. Since the superhero only has a limited amount of energy and needs to have it replenished every so often, the sidekick is there to help.

They share a reciprocal relationship and work in accord to fight injustice using their proficient crime-fighting skills.

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The superheroes’ storylines usually have the same thematic elements and conflicts, such as an evil and zany villain that the hero has to defeat.

The villains can range anywhere from small-time crooks to wicked monsters. The villains usually try to disrupt the harmony in the world and pursue selfish goals often simply for the exhilaration. On the other hand, the hero is a noble optimist and stands firm in his belief of justice and righteousness.

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To contrast the decency of the hero, the villain will usually have an overbearing attitude towards their own partners-in-crime, showing that they look out for only themselves and use others only to help them gain their high status.

The villain is also usually a braggart or a buffoon. Sometimes, the villain may rule an entire city and have it under his control, depriving citizens of basic rights.

It is up to the superhero to defeat the unreceptive nemesis and bring peace to the city and its people by performing feats of justice, big or small. Superheroes usually come out victorious against the baffled villain using quirky tactics, but it is important to realize that superheroes are not invincible.

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Although superheroes appear unruffled most of the time, they risk their own lives for the sake of peace, and willingly suffer through trying times. Battles with villains often involve both sides throwing jarring blows at each other until one side comes out victorious.

The superhero is a great promoter of fairness and peace, but works undercover to avoid the public. Thus, many of them have a secret identity they use so as not to attract attention to their status or have the villain target and attack friends or family.

To protect their normal identity, some heroes wear masks to hide their face and don their identifiable and trademark costumes. They usually have a secret place they go to be transformed into their hero costume.

And to provide for easier access when fighting crime, the superheroes usually live in close proximity to the city that they protect.

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Another common element in superhero stories is betrayal. Occasionally, when the superhero is a member or leader of a partnership or a whole team of heroes, one character with poor discretion on the team ends up being deluded by the villain and used to take down the hero.

The villain thrives on using this tactic and usually appeals to the superhero’s teammate by offering a more important and famous role on the villain’s side. The superhero’s enthusiasm for morality and integrity makes him a fan of all.

Filled with compassion and a thoughtful personality, the hero humbly takes up the responsibility to save the innocent from corruption by an adversary and the clutches of crime.

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Never seeking personal popularity, and always filled with empathy for the oppressed, the hero stands tall and strong and for the good of humanity.

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