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One of the most fun and healthiest activities you can participate in is swimming. Chances are that you have been swimming at least a few times, either at a friend’s house, the local pool in your neighborhood, or in your backyard if you have pool.

We spend the majority of the hours of our day, if not the whole day, dry so the pool provides a refreshing alternative that is a great way to cool down and relax. Especially during the summer months, when it can get hot, the pool is a popular destination.

There are many different games you can play as well at the pool, from pretending to be a shark to being a knight in shining armor rescuing a princess by untying the knot by which she is bound.

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Swimming at the beach is also popular and fun. There are several pieces of equipment you can bring along to make it fun, such as buckets and shovels to build sand castles.

Sunscreen is also important, since you’re likely to be exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. Through swimming, we exercise most of the muscles in our body, from the arms to our legs, so it is a great way to stay in shape. And you have a couple of options of where to do it, either at the beach or a nearby pool.

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Although the pool offers many benefits, it is important to be careful when playing around the pool. First of all, the ground will always be wet from people going in and out of the pool. So it is important not to run, or you may slip and hurt yourself. You should also be careful not to jump in the shallow end of the pool.

You can severely hurt yourself from your body hitting the bottom of the pool. Such precautions are important to keep in mind, and the lifeguards usually write these rules or have a sign for everyone to see in case you forget. Perhaps you already knew these rules, but it never hurts to be reminded of them.

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After you’re done swimming, wrap a towel around yourself to dry off and to minimize the water that will drip and make the ground slippery. Before you enter your car, you may want to wring out the wet towels to keep the excess water from dripping in the car. All in all, swimming is a fun way to spend time with friends or family, so whenever you get the chance, go swimming!

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Match each word in the left column with a description in the right column that best matches its meaning

1. ____ hour

2. ____ wring

3. ____ knot

4. ____ whole

5. ____ knew

6. ____ write

7. ____ knight

8. ____ piece

9. ____ wrap

A. Squeeze, twist

B. Understood, realized

C. Portion, section

D. Cover, put around

E. Complete, total

F. A tie, bond

G. Inscribe

H. Soldier, guard

I. 60 minutes

– 8 –

Multiple Choice

Circle the letter of the correct answer

1. Swimming can be done

A.  At the beach.

B.  At the pool.

C.  All of the above.

D.  None of the above.

2. Swimming is:

A.  Healthy.

B.  Fun.

C.  All of the above.

D.  None of the above.

– 9 –

3. At the beach people often bring ________ to build sand castles

A.  Buckets and shovels.

B.  Forks and spoons.

C.  Wheelbarrows.

D.  Chopsticks.

4. Swimming is especially popular during:

A.  Summer.

B.  Winter.

C.  Fall.

D.  Spring.

– 10 –

5. Which muscles in the body does swimming exercise?

A.  Legs.

B.  Arms.

C.  Both.

D.  None.

– 11 –

True or False

Choose whether each statement is true or false and write your answer in the space provided.

1. ___  Running around the pool is fun and safe.

2. ___  Diving into the shallow end of the pool is cool and safe.

3. ___  Sunscreen is important to bring to the beach.

4. ___  Swimming offers many different games to play.

5. ___  According to the story, swimming with friends and family is fun.

– 12 –

Short Answer

1. Do you enjoy swimming? Why or why not?


2. What is your favorite game to play at the pool? Why?


– 13 –

3. How often do you go to the beach?


4. How long can you hold your breath underwater?


– 14 –

Reading Questions

1. What is the writer’s main idea?


2. Give an example that supports the writer’s main idea


– 15 –

3. How does the example help the writer’s main idea?


4. What do you think about the story?


– 16 –