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The Crying Girl – ACT I


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Designed By:
Christian Alas
Created and illustrated By:
Angelo Romero and Camilo Sanabria

– 2 –

Alex: Shh, shh, shh…

Teresa: Finally, she stopped crying.

Alex: Shh, shh, shh….

Teresa: Why was she crying?

Alex: Oh, it’s a long story.

Teresa: Well, tell me. If she’s going to stay and live with me, I need to know. What is going on?

Alex: It’s a long story.

Teresa: Well you need to start now. What is her name?

Alex: Her name is Chiquis.

– 3 –

Teresa: How old is she?

Alex: She is 18 years old.

Teresa: What is her last name?

Alex: Her last name is Mandela.

Teresa: Where is she from?

Alex: She is from “Los Cocuyos.”

Teresa: How long is she going to be here?

Alex: I don’t know.
I need to call her family so they can come and take her home.

– 4 –

Teresa: Is she your classmate?

Alex: No.

Teresa: Is she your friend?

Alex: She is Andre’s friend.

Teresa: How long have you known her?

Alex: Five days.

Teresa: Five days? Where did you meet her?

– 5 –

Alex: At the police station.

Teresa: Where is your brother? I need to talk to him.

Alex: He went to look for the magic ball.

Teresa: I wonder if I will ever see him alive again.

– 6 –

– 7 –

(It’s almost 8:00 p.m. and Alex continues explaining the story to his Aunt Teresa.)

Teresa: Tell me the story again because I still don’t understand.

Alex: The crying girl, who is not crying, found the magic ball.

Teresa: She found the magic ball… Are you telling me that a magic ball really exists?
Alex: Yes, Chiquis, the crying girl, found it.

Teresa: Is the magic ball magical?
Alex: Yes.

Teresa: And all this time I thought that Andre and his friend were crazy…

Alex: Me too!

– 8 –

– 9 –

Teresa: Can I talk to her?

Alex: No, I think she is a little disturbed.

Teresa: I would imagine, but why is she crying all the time?
Alex: She is not crying.

Teresa: What do you mean?

Alex: One of her wishes was…

– 10 –

Teresa: (interrupting.) She asked for a wish?

Alex: She asked for three wishes. Andre can explain more to you. All I know is that one of her wishes was to speak all the languages of the world.

Teresa: Why in the world would she want to speak all the languages in the world?

Chiquis: Bla, blue, di drowa num… So I could read books in different languages… Wa, wi zhu, mu ka wa.

Teresa: Calm down sweetie, don’t cry.

– 11 –

Alex: She is not crying, she is speaking all languages at the same time.

Teresa: No, you have to be kidding me.

– 12 –

– 13 –

(Andre is inside the train, on his way to Los Cocuyos. He is going to notify Chiquis’s family about her condition and ask them to pick her up from his aunt’s house.)

Andre: (To himself ) I wonder how Chiquis’s mother and father will take the story about the magic ball.

(There is no one else in the train’s cabin. Andre is the only passenger. He is sitting in his seat, looking out the window. The door opens and a man wearing a uniform enters.)

Man: Tickets, tickets. Your ticket, please.

Andre: It’s here, somewhere…

(Andre begins emptying his pockets, looking around…)

Andre: Here it is.

Man: Where are you going?

– 14 –

Andre: I am going to Los Cocuyos.

Man: Are you crazy?

Andre: No, why? Do they haunt people there?

Man: No, but no one goes there. It’s a beautiful place but they say that people go crazy there.

– 15 –