The Crying Girl – ACT IV


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Designed By:
Christian Alas
Created and illustrated By:
Angelo Romero and Camilo Sanabria

– 2 –

(It’s early Saturday morning, and Teresa wakes up. When she goes out of her room, she sees Alex sitting quietly in the living room and thinking deeply.)

Teresa: What are you thinking about? Are you worried?

Alex: Yes, I am worried about Andre.

Teresa: Why would someone be following him?

Alex: To get the magic ball.

Teresa: Why? What can they do with the ball?

Alex: The soccer championship is approaching. It would be very dangerous if the ball ended up in the hands of bad people.

Teresa: What are we going to do?

– 3 –

Alex: Tomorrow morning I will take the first train to “Los Cocuyos.”

Teresa: If you are going to look for Andre, I am going too.

(Chiquis comes out of her room!)

Chiquis: Bla, Min Hum on! I am going too!

– 4 –

– 5 –

(Andre, Manolo, and the Police Chief are sitting inside a restaurant.)

Andre: I am so hungry that I could eat a cow.

(The waiter of the small restaurant approaches them.)

Waiter: What would you like to order?

Alex: I would like to order two quesadillas without cheese.

Waiter: (to Manolo.) What would you like to eat?

Manolo: A hamburger with onions.

Waiter: (to the Police Chief.) What would you like to eat?

– 6 –

Police Chief: Two donuts.

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Police Chief: Coffee, no cream, no sugar. Black coffee.

(The waiter leaves.)

Police Chief: Tell me Andre, how is Chiquis? I am new in this town. Everyone except for me seems to know Chiquis and her family.

– 7 –

Andre: She is eighteen years old. She is not very pretty, but she is not ugly either. I like her golden hair and green eyes.

Manolo: (whispering in the Police Chief’s ear.) I think he is in love with her.

Andre: Her pug nose is not exactly centered, and her lips are big and flowery. It’s very difficult to understand when she talks because she speaks all languages at the same time.

– 8 –

Police Chief: No wonder the FBI is following this case.

Andre: She also hears all sounds around her. So, when I talk to her, I have to speak very slowly and clearly so she can read my lips.

Manolo: Is she deaf?

Andre: No, no. The thing is that she can speak all the languages in the world, and she can hear conversations from a mile away.

– 9 –

Police Chief: That is wonderful!

Andre: No, no. It is fantastic but she speaks them all at the same time.

Police Chief: But, how is that possible?

Andre: As I was telling you before, it is the magic ball’s fault. It possesses the powers of good and evil.

– 10 –

– 11 –

(Andre, Manolo, and the Police Chief continue talking inside the restaurant.)

Police Chief: Where and how did she find the magic ball?

Andre: According to the story that she told me, after playing soccer with her friends, she sat down to rest. She was thinking about how she could improve her soccer skills when she saw the magic soccer ball: beautiful, shiny, rolling by itself on the soccer field.

Police Chief: Wow! How did you meet her?

Andre: She came looking for me.

Police Chief: How did she find you?

– 12 –

Andre: I live in a small town nearby, and it is well known to everybody that I am the best soccer player around.

Police Chief: Why are you here?

Andre: Since I am the owner of the magic soccer ball, I feel responsible for what it has done to Chiquis. Don’t think for a minute that I want to get to know Chiquis better because she is pretty, or that I would like her to be my girlfriend.

Police Chief: Tell me more about the magic ball.

Andre: Before I tell you more, let’s order more food (Showing his plate.)

– 13 –


– 14 –

Waiter: Would you like anything else?

Manolo: I want mashed potatoes with barbeque ribs, half a chicken, fish of the day, and a small, small piece of a tomato.

Waiter: Is that all?

Andre: No, I want two beef tacos, fried rice, orange chicken, and a hotdog.

Waiter: Anything else?

Police Chief: A strawberry cake and a coffee, please.


– 15 –

Waiter: I will be right back with your mashed potatoes, barbeque ribs, half a chicken, fish of the day, two beef tacos, fried rice, orange chicken, a hotdog, cake, and coffee.

Police Chief: Tell me more about your first encounter with Chiquis.

Andre: I was in my house when I heard the doorbell. The first thing she asked when she saw me was, “Are you really Andre Emmanuel Borjes?” Then, she said, “You are the one responsible for what that horrible, terrible, precious, shining ball has done to me!”


– 16 –

Police Chief: And what did you say to her?

Andre: Well, since I had not seen her pretty green eyes, I asked her to give me my soccer ball back. She hugged me as if she wanted to kiss me, and she said that I had to help her. She also said a lot of things.

Police Chief: She is going to be devastated when she finds out that her father disappeared.

Andre: I hope we find him before she finds out he’s missing. Poor Chiquis!

– 17 –