The Crying Girl – ACT V


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Designed By:
Christian Alas
Created and illustrated By:
Angelo Romero and Camilo Sanabria

– 2 –

(It’s very early in the morning. Alex, Teresa, and Chiquis are on their way to Los Cocuyos.)

Teresa: Unfortunately, I couldn’t notify Andre that we are on our way to Los Cocuyos.

Alex: I hope he’s taking all precautions. Tell me, Chiquis, what happened the day that you found the soccer ball?

Chiquis: Bla, Ni, Shue, bli. It happened after my soccer game. As always, my team lost the game. My teammates said that it was my fault that we lost because I scored 3 own goals.

Alex: You scored 3 own goals?

Teresa: Don’t interrupt, Alex.

– 3 –

Chiquis: I was walking in the mountains next to the waterfall where I usually swim. When, bla, bla, blu, bli, zue.

Alex: (looking at Teresa.) What did she say?

Teresa: Bla, bla, blu, bli, zue.

Alex: (scratching his head.) Nevermind.

Chiquis: That morning, the water looked crystal clear and magical, when suddenly, I discovered lights shining from underneath a rock by the waterfall.

– 4 –

Alex: Like flashes of lights?

Chiquis: Like millions of silver and gold shimmering lights. It seemed as though I had found a hidden treasure. Bli, blu, mhij natty bu.

(Chiquis begins to cry bitterly.)

Alex: Calm down, concentrate, and continue the story.

– 5 –

Chiquis: That miserable magic ball destroyed my life, and everyone from my hometown thinks that I’m crazy. Bli, blu, bla. When I saw the golden lights, I reached out with my hand.

I thought I was pulling out a bracelet made of diamonds and old coins. Instead, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A soccer ball: shiny, round, glowing, heavy as gold. It was full of diamonds and precious stones.

Alex: And what did you do next?

– 6 –

Chiquis: As soon as I had the ball in my hands, I read the name “Andre Borjes” on the ball. Underneath, in small print, it said, “Before kicking the ball, make three wishes.” Bla, bli, blu, me, za, za bli.

(At that moment, the train comes to a stop. Someone outside is crying.)

Voice: Please, get out of the train. The train is not going to continue. Gather your belongings and exit the train.

(The passengers carry their luggage and exit the train.)

Alex: (to the person on the loud speaker.) Excuse me sir, would you please explain to me what is going on?

– 7 –

Man: The train cannot continue its course.

Alex: But, I need to go to Los Cocuyos. What is going on?

Man: The train conductor resigned last week, so now we don’t have anyone to check the tickets. So, the train cannot move on.

Alex: So how am I supposed to get to Los Cocuyos?

Man: By walking. Follow that road over there. When you get to the intersection, turn right. Do not, by any means, turn left!

– 8 –

– 9 –

(Alex, Teresa, and Chiquis are walking down the road.)

Teresa: Stop, please, stop. I stopped. I can’t take another step.

Alex: Look, the intersection is right over there (Pointing to the intersection sign). We are almost there.

(Chiquis kicks a green ball that was sitting on the side of the road. The kick is so hard, so strong, that the ball disappears into the sky.)

Alex and Teresa: Wow! What was that?

Chiquis: That was one of my wishes: that I could kick the ball so hard that it would go into the goal no matter where I was.

Alex: That is crazy! What else did you wish for?


– 10 –

Chiquis: People everywhere are always gossiping, so I wanted to be able to hear what they said. So now I can hear what they say from miles away.

Alex: What else did you wish for?

Chiquis: Last year I wanted to go to the world soccer championship in Germany, but since they speak different languages in Europe, I couldn’t read the signs that guided me to Germany. Plus, one of my passions is reading books, so I wanted to be able to read books in different languages.

– 11 –

Alex: Did your wishes come true?

Chiquis: Yes, they did.

Alex: There’s nothing wrong with your wishes. So, how come you said that they destroyed your life?

Chiquis: There was nothing wrong with my wishes. Everything was fine until I kicked the ball. Then, everything turned around on me and went very wrong. I started to hear every single noise around me.

Teresa: Wow, that is enough to drive anyone crazy.

– 12 –

Chiquis: Exactly. I almost went crazy. I could hear the clock ticking across the street, every conversation in every room, and the growling of Andre’s stomach. With the third wish, bli, blu, bla, now I speak and understand every language in the world, but I speak them all at the same time so it sounds like I’m crying.

Alex: …but you are not? The first wish is not bad at all. What could possibly go wrong when you score a goal?

Chiquis: That’s the worst one of them all. Just wait and you will see. The ball goes into my own goal, and my foot kicks things uncontrollably, even when I’m not playing.


– 13 –


– 14 –

(It’s a sunny day. Alex, Teresa, and Chiquis are standing in the middle of the street in a deserted town.)

Alex: No one is around.

Teresa: This gives me the chills.

Chiquis: Everyone is over there behind that hill, watching a soccer game.

Alex: For once we will see if you are right.

(Alex, Teresa, and Chiquis go over the hill and find that the entire town is watching a soccer game.)

Chiquis: Look at that referee over there! That’s my father. Pa, pa, pa, bli… father.

Alex: (with his eyes wide open.) I can’t believe my eyes. Beckham, Ronaldinho and Cuauhtemoc Blanco are playing!

– 15 –

Teresa: Oh my God. Look there! It’s Pele, it’s Pele, and Ronaldo and I am not wearing any makeup!

Alex: Someone needs to explain this to me.

(Andre comes out from the crowd.)

Andre: My friend Manolo found the magic ball and made a wish to see the All-Star soccer game here in Los Cocuyos.

Manolo: (holding a black sack tight in his arms.) I am Mano, bli, blue, zue, me, bli, bla.

(All of a sudden, Chiquis kicks the black sack that Manolo is holding. The sack flies into the sky, leaving a trail of bright light and sparkling stars.)

– 16 –

Alex: Oh no! Here we go again! (Alex puts on his black sunglasses and grabs his F.B.I. badge from inside the coat of his black suit.) I guess I had better get back to work.

(At that moment, a green ball comes flying in from the sky, soars toward the net, and scores a goal. They all start laughing loudly, except for Chiquis, who begins to cry.)

– 17 –