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Corn is a very important food in our diet. We eat corn in many different ways. We eat sweet corn on the cob. When the kernels are taken off the cob, they are canned or frozen so we can eat them any time. People enjoy eating popcorn when watching a movie. Corn is used to make tortillas, corncakes, muffins, tacos, and cornflakes. Even without knowing it, sometimes you eat corn when you eat jam, jelly, corn syrup, and corn oil. Animals love to eat corn too. Another word for corn is maize.

The corn plant is called a cornstalk. It grows to about 7 feet tall. On top of each stalk is a tassel. Ears of corn grow on the top of each stalk. There are different colors of corn: yellow, red, purple, black, white, and brown. There is corn that has different colors on the same cob.

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