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Unit 11 – My Pumpkin G3


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Designed By:
Christian Alas
Created and illustrated By:
Angelo Romero and Camilo Sanabria

My Pumpkin

Daddy took me to the farm to buy the perfect pumpkin for my party. I wanted the biggest pumpkin.  After I looked at all the pumpkins, I decided that I wanted the fattest, roundest pumpkin. Five minutes later, I wanted the tallest, skinniest pumpkin. What a difficult mission. I looked and looked at all the pumpkins when suddenly, I saw the one I was looking for – the smallest, littlest pumpkin on the farm.

Daddy was surprised when he saw the pumpkin for my party. At the party, there were all kinds of pumpkins, but mine was definitely the smallest and cutest one.  

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