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A Big Animal

The elephant is bigger than any other animal that lives on land, and is surely the one with the biggest nose or trunk. The elephant’s trunk has many uses. The elephant breathes through it’s trunk. It uses its trunk to feed itself. It refreshes itself by squirting water on its body with its trunk. It also holds its trunk above water while it swims. The elephant’s tusks are long teeth.

Some elephants come from Africa while others come from India. African elephants have big ears and tusks.

 Indian elephants have smaller ears, and the female elephants do not have tusks.

Elephants’ tusks are made of ivory. Most of the elephants in zoos and circuses are from India. Often, elephants are used for heavy work.

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Elephants live in groups called herds. Elephants are big and beautiful, even when they are young. Baby elephants are called calves and are hairy. Elephants are mammals and drink milk for about 3-4 years after birth. They live about 60 years.

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